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Bridges, Docks & City Views

So many great areas around Portland to get that grand city vibe !Below are some examples from all over the downtown waterfront area. Many of the bridges and docks are accessible for photo shoots and provide some unique Portland scenes

that change constantly throughout the seasons. Because Portland is so gorgeously green,

it's very easy to get both "city" and "park" scenes from one location!

Dog Friendly? 
Generally yes!
Your dog should be good around people and bikes though and we'll choose our exact location with the doggo in mind!

Accessibility Notes:
Some downtown locations are louder and more chaotic than others - especially the bridges from traffic noise. 

But no worries if noise or general "city busyness" is of any concern, there are some great quieter locations

that offer a city view backdrop without the city hustle and bustle and we can always plan for slower times of day.
Most areas are fully paved - sidewalks and pathways. The docks do not have rails and are accessed by uneven ramps.
Paid parking for most locations and public restrooms generally a short distance away - depending on location.


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