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Basic Headshot Session $150

- 30 minute outdoor or in-studio headshot session

- Online proofing gallery

- Your choice of  1 high resolution digital file

- Additional files may be purchased from your gallery for $50/file

Indoor + Outdoor Headshot Session $250

Can't decide between studio or outdoor headshots? This sweet little package gives you both!

- 20 minutes in the studio + 20 minutes at a nearby park
- Online proofing gallery

- Your choice of  2 high resolution digital files

- Additional files may be purchased from your gallery for $50/file

 Headshot Session Package $300

- 30 minute outdoor or in-studio headshot session
- Online proofing gallery

- Your choice of  5 high resolution digital files

- Additional files may be purchased from your gallery for $50/file

  • Covid-Related Questions?
    Click Here for the Covid-19 info page.
  • Do You Travel?
    Yes! I love traveling. I have a passport and I'm 20 minutes from an airport - where are we going?! Contact me for a custom quote on what travel fees would be for your location. I also have an onling bucket-list of places I'd like to do photo session at. If your location is on that list, or you just want to let me pick an amazing location for us to do your session at, then I'll reward you with a discount on travel fees ;)
  • What Is A 'Lifestyle' Session?
    I'm glad your considering a lifestyle session! The short answer is that it's a photo session that produces more candid photos and less posed photos. You and your family or partner will do activies together and I'll hang out with you and capture beautiful 'everyday' moments that show off what life is like for you in this moment in time. Some ideas include: Reading to the kids in bed Baking together Toddler bathtime Wine tasting Hanging out in your favorite coffee Pillow fight Play time The options are endless. Looking through the LIFESTYLE GALLERY is a really great way to understand the type of photos you'd get from this session. You may also want to check out THIS blog post about lifestyle sessions.
  • Do You Custom Build Packages?
    Yes! The packages you'll see listed reflect the most comon needs of my clients, but I realize they are not always 'one size fits all' - if you find that you have an idea that don't quite fit into the listed packages I'd be happy to see if I could custom build something that would work for you. Just let me know what you're looking for!
  • Can I Bring My Dog, Horse, Fish etc to the shoot?"
    Absolutely! I love animals and really enjoy when people include them in their sessions. Please let me know in advance though so we can talk through tips and ideas to make sure the session is successful for everyone involved. (and yes, I've included pet fish in a session before)
  • I don't know how long I'll need a photographer on my wedding day - How do I figure that out?
    You're not alone! Most of the clients I meet with have no idea how long things will take and how long they'll need photography coverage for. At your consult I'll help you make a rough timeline that's custom designed to your wedding day. I'll ask a bunch of questions about your wedding plans to help determine how long each 'event' will take and we'll build your schedule from there. Creating a custom timeline both ensures that you are not paying for more coverage than you need, and that you're booking enough time to cover everything you want photos of. My consults (and timelines design!) are always free. No obligation, just chatting over coffee and seeing if we're a good fit for each other! You can shedule your consult to build a custom timeline HERE.
  • Do You Photograph Newborns?
    I photograph newborn sessions as a lifestyle session including the parent(s) and/or other family members. This can include some photos of the baby alone, but the majority of the session would be focused on capturing life as it is in this moment in time for you, and the interations between your family members. Less posing, more real life! With Newborn lifestyle sessions we take our time, take plenty of feeding breaks and make sure it's calm and relaxing and hopefully even fun for everyone involved! If you have any questions on what this would look like for you and your family please contact me!
  • How Long Have You Been In Business?
    Short answer: Danae Jones Photoraphy officially started in 2010. Slightly longer answer: I began photographing weddings and sessions for friends, and working as an associate for other photographers in 2005. In 2010 I officially started Danae Jones Photography and I became a full-time photorapher in 2016.
  • When Should I Do My Senior Photos?
    The best time to schedule your senior photos is the summer before you graduate. Many schools have yearbook deadlines right after school starts in the fall. If you want until fall to book you run the risk of my schedule being full, bad weather and/or serious crunch time with your yearbook deadline. Most students do their senior photos May - August of the year before they graduate. If you waited until school started back up don't worry, you're not alone! I set aside a few days to do senior sessions before each schools deadline so I can likely still squeeze you in. Just be sure to contact me ASAP. :)
Team Headshots & Branding Sessions

Custom branding session packages include headshots and photos of your offices and/or products.

I love working with business owners to provide custom headshots of themselves and their teams that show individual personalities while reflecting the company's branding and style. Not only is it helpful for clients to see your faces as part of your online presence, providing professional team headshots also attracts quality employees to your business.


I am able to offer headshot sessions at my Milwaukie studio (just outside Portland) or on-location.

Contact me for a custom quote and to discuss what this could look like for your team! 

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