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Fernburg Park & Natural Area - Milwaukie

General Description:

Grassy area with a boardwalk that leads to dirt trails the wind though acres of natural area.
This spot holds a special place in my heart as it's close to my home and I've spent many hours wandering these

paths watching bunnies hop along in front of me :)
The area changes quite a bit throughout the year and is prettiest spring through fall. 
There is a small neighborhood park with play structures tucked in behind the parking lot. The playground is mostly

hidden from view in the parking lot and can make a nice surprise for younger kids at the end of the session.

Dog Friendly?

Yep! You'll meet many other dogs out for walks here during your session.
It's not unusual to see rabbits, pheasants and other 'chase-able' critters at this spot - as always, bring the leash!

Accessibility Notes: 
Very quiet, peaceful, 'low-stimulation' area.

Street/parking lot parking. Easy to wander all over or get a variety of backdrops close to the car. 

A raised wooden boardwalk steps down to dirt trails/paths that are mostly level. 
In the wet season expect mud and some (hopefully avoidable) wetland areas. Flat 'walking' shoes advised. 

None -  make sure to plan ahead prior to your session. 
[I live a few blocks away, my bathroom is available if needed]


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