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Powell Butte

General Description:
There is no end to the photo opportunities at this location!

One of those locations that changes what it offers throughout  the seasons, but there's never a bad time of year for photos here.

With over 600 acres of fields and trails there's always a great spot to find - full of tall grass and wildflowers, wooded areas,

views for miles, plus lots of wonderful fences, trees and rocks for posing on and, my personal favorite; always a place to find shade!

Dog Friendly?

Absolutely! Leashed-dog friendly - You'll see lots of other dogs here at the park.

Accessibility Notes: 
Please don't let the description of this large park throw you - Powell Butte is a wonderful choice for an accessible outdoor location,
and works well for many levels of mobility. The paved parking lot offers 4 handicap parking spots front row to the visitors center.

Even when the visitors center isn't open there are restrooms, water fountains, benches and picnic tables.

The main area we'll use (seen in a few of the example photos below) is a well manicured little area ~300ft from the parking lot

on a level paved trail that turns to compacted gravel at "our spot". This little spot also has benches.
Google Street View shows the area pretty well. 

Heads up if you have grass/pollen allergies - there's always something blooming here. 
Just let me know if you'd like to avoid poses that put you right in the grass etc. 

Yes. Public restrooms behind the visitors center just off the parking lot. 


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