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Sellwood Park | Oaks Pioneer Church

General Description:
Beautiful park that offers a lot in one little area & is a great choice for lots of session types year around, but particularly stunning in the fall. Seated up above the Willamette River, it's full of tall trees, walking trails and adorable wooden fencing.
A side trail leads down to fun rock steps and eventually joins up with the paved Spring Water Trail below. 

When it's not in use, the small manicured lawn of Oaks Pioneer Church can

make a beautiful and easy second "backdrop" at the same location. 

Dog Friendly?

Yes -  leashed in the large park area.
Possibly on the church grounds area with advance permission.

Parking & Accessibility Notes: 

Large level parking lot [with one handicap van spot] at the North end of the park
Street parking on South end of park near the church.

This park has a large paved path running through it that has some slight inclines, but generally is great for most

mobility levels. There are plenty of benches and picnic tables scattered throughout the park.
Side trails, rocky steps and grassy areas can get a bit steep and muddy in the wet season, but most spots
have fences that work as handrails and these spots are not needed to still have a full photo experience.

This park is generally a nice quiet location on weekdays. The spots we primarily use for photos take us away from the

sports fields and the more populated areas. On nice weekends the park is often busier and weddings in the chapel


Seasonal?? Sometimes port-a-potties at the parking lot for Sellwood Park but might be worth planning ahead.

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