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Westmoreland Nature Park - Sellwood

General Description:
A favorite with toddlers for the natural playground and duck-filled stream.
This park is a great spot if you like a mixture of posed & lifestyle photos - We can make a loop around the

park taking advantage of the fences, bridges and giant trees that always provide some shady areas,
before ending your session  over near the playground for some fun park/stream-play photos. 
[Yep - there's a sand pit and some water-play opportunities, bringing a towel is advised if your kiddos want to splash]

Dog Friendly?

It is leashed-dog friendly. You'll see lots of other dogs here at the park.
There is a large seasonal pond and always a river with plethora of ducks/geese/nutria which dogs may find distracting.

Accessibility Notes: 
Gravel parking lots at the far end of the park, but your best bet is street parking (neighborhood) as close to the park/pond as you can.
This can be a busy and over stimulating place - especially around the playground at 'peak hours' and with some traffic noise.
All level and paved paths throughout the park. Playground is sand and wood chips. Play structures uneven/built from natural objects.

Yes. 'City Park' style restroom building.

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